Financial Planning
In today's complex world of professional sports, solid financial management is the best game plan for turning your substantial earnings into a lifetime of financial security.  The financial matters that Prestige Sports and its advisors emphasize include:
-Budget preparation
-Maintenance and reconciliation of checking and savings accounts
-Obtaining appropriate financing for needs such as automobiles and housing
-Retirement planning

Investment Management
Prestige Sports understands the importance of planning for life beyond your playing career.  We work with and recommend to our clients, a group of top account executives from leading brokerage firms to manage client investment matters.  Services provided include:
-Investment and money management
-Building of a financial portfolio through stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial growth vehicles

Tax Advisory Services
Prestige Sports provides knowledge of today's complex tax laws and guidance regarding tax minimization and record keeping.  Other services include:
-Complete tax planning and strategy, including review of applicable state & federal tax laws
-Estimated tax calculations and quarterly payments
-Federal, state and local tax return preparation and submission