Prestige Sports Marketing and Management Group Inc., utilizes a team approach to contract negotiation. Our approach casts each client in the role of key decision maker, while the members of Prestige Sports act as the advisors.

Our support staff keeps the primary negotiation team abreast of current negotiation trends, deals, and breaking information. The support staff maintains daily contact with the NFLPA, NBPA, league management, and industry insiders to ensure that we maintain our cutting edge competitiveness.

We can ensure our clients this competitive edge by utilizing a vast array of negotiation techniques.

Our versatility helps us achieve positive outcomes.

Our initial step towards accomplishing a successful negotiation requires us to totally understand our opponent. 

The second step requires succinct research. We research historical data (both qualitative and quantitative) regarding the drafting teams past deals. At this juncture, we create scenarios that will measure the team’s salary cap allowances and then move to establish our negotiation position.

Prestige Sports then assesses the team’s pay structure, roster moves, free agency plans, and draft needs with respect to both the team’s veteran and rookie salary caps. Utilizing the information from this analysis, we begin the player marketing piece of our strategy.

We achieve this by strategically placing both game and highlight film with the draft decision makers at the right time. Our objective is to create greater value than other draft picks the team may consider. Furthermore, we utilize statistical data to reflect effectiveness compared to other players at that position. Through this process we “drive home” the point that our client will make an immediate impact on the team, thus making the decision maker a hero.