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The Blind Monkee'z: formed back in 2005 with original band members Randall, Matt Harms, Mike Campana, Bob Usiak and John Harms. There has been changes in the singer and guitar part of the band but the 3 core members have been Mike, Bob and John. Then comes along Scott Rodgers who joined the band in 2008 and is well known around the Tampa/St. Pete area for his powerful voice and front man presents. He has been with such successful bands as Undecided and The Usual Suspects . Since joining the band, Scott has brought his song writing ability and strong lead vocals to the band and has helped bring the Blind Monkee'z to the next level. While calibrating with Mike, together they have written several songs together including the New CD called Memphis which will be available soon.

The Scene (Life Improvment Radio)

The Blind Monkee’z are:

Scott Rodgers  - Lead Vocals

Mike Campana - Rhythm Guitar

Bob Usiak - Bass - Backup Vocals

John Harms - Drums - Backup Vocals










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May 26th 2018

Franks Sports Bar

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