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A Note From Darrell

Dear Friends,

When my wife, Deidra, went into premature labor with my son ("Little Darrell"), I already knew the dangers we were facing for this little life possible cerebral palsy, seizures, bleeding in the brain, neurological and developmental problems, even death. You see, we had faced this experience before, when our youngest daughter was born prematurely.

As I waited for word on my wife and son's condition, I thought back to when I founded the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. Back then, the joyful news came that my little daughter was going to live, and we were all so thankful but I worried about the parents who couldn't afford this kind of medical care and the babies who fell through the cracks in the health care system, often just when they needed it the most. This time, as I waited for word, I thought about the first ambulance that we built from the ground up with the donations of generous people like you. I remembered how each piece of equipment had to be specially made for the unique needs of these infants, and how many babies had already received help and care in that ambulance while being rushed to the hospital.

Then I looked around in the waiting room at the desperate but hopeful faces of the other parents of these critically ill infants, and I rededicated myself to working harder in this cause to provide care for every premature baby who needs help. To this end, the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. has set and accomplished the goal of building two Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers at Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando. Our all-volunteer board is committed to this cause and to continue to raise money for the Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers. Yet, we need more dollars to serve more families in our community.

But we cannot do it alone. We count on your big heart to pledge your sponsorship for the Darrell Armstrong Foundation. Your sponsorship dollars provide the hustle we need to grow the number of families we are able to serve. Premature babies start life as underdog but my fans know that underdogs are fighters and that can make the difference between winning and losing the game.

Our team is already dedicated to fight the effects of premature birth. You will be glad to know that my young son, Darrell Jr. is now one of our valuable members. Please sign up for our team. I look forward to welcoming you as another player with Heart and Hustle.

God bless you,

Darrell Armstrong's Signature

Darrell Armstrong


Darrell Armstrong Foundation For Premature Babies, Inc.


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