The Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. Child Development Center at the Florida Children’s Hospital serves the needs of premature babies that suffer from developmental problems.  Premature birth can contribute to developmental, physical, social, learning, sensory and behavioral concerns throughout childhood and adolescence.  If these concerns are not promptly and adequately addressed, a child can be misdiagnosed leading to frustration, negative behaviors and life-long disability.


Our highly trained care team of neonatal/pediatric specialists evaluates each infant/child who was born prematurely and is in need of intervention services.  This multidisciplinary team determines the cause of the presenting problems and, along with the family, develops an individualized intervention plan.


The core team of care professionals may include a Developmental Pediatrician, Neuropsychologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech-Language Pathologist.  After the care team evaluation, the Child Development Center’s Clinical Coordinator will prepare a summary of the evaluation results and will follow up with the family to assist with any problems during the intervention plan implementation. 


Darrell’s vision is to provide quality child development services to premature babies and the needed education to their parents.  We strive to provide each child we treat with the resources to achieve quality of life regardless of the level of their condition.


Darrell’s dream cannot be reality without the support of our Central Florida Community.  This is why we need community leaders involved with our mission to help spread the word and help raise the funds necessary to provide these much needed services.

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